Corvuss American Academy

Corvuss American Academy is a 45-acre residential academy located near Karjat, Maharashtra. This co-ed academy offers an American high school academic curriculum called Advanced Placement (AP) which is recognized by all American and International Universities as well as the Indian Education System.

What makes CAA different from any other academy, is our focus on developing our students’ sports abilities as well as giving them the tools to excel in the rigorous academic curriculum. We provide ourstudents with state-of-the art facilities and International faculty to ensure that the Corvuss “Scholar Athlete” is provided with a well-rounded education giving them the extra edge to help them get into top universities across the world.

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Are you looking to raise your game to the next level?
Join the Corvuss American Academy domestic and international camps, to train under our world renowned international coaches. Over the next 12 months we will be hosting camps across these sports both in India, Egypt, USA & Europe.

We make your dreams a reality. Enroll now.