The Corvuss


Our Campus

The Corvuss American Academy campus is conveniently located close to both Mumbai and Pune. Our state-of-the-art, safe, and secure campus provides our Scholar Athletes with a world-class environment in which they can grow and thrive.

Our campus facilities allow Student Athletes to move from the dorms to the dining hall, as well as both our academic and athletic buildings, with great ease.

The Corvuss campus combines comfort and innovation so that our Scholar Athletes can flourish academically and athletically.

  • Indoor & outdoor training nets
  • Video reviewing station and coaching studios
  • High-tech bowling machines to improve the techniques of Scholar Athletes
  • Coaching studios for review sessions with our young cricketers
  • Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • High-speed video recording equipment to improve performance
  • Coaching studios to display videos and improve our Scholar Athlete’s form
  • State-of-the-art squash courts
  • Coaching studios for video review
  • Gym for the conditioning of squash athletes
  • FIFA standard outdoor football turf
  • All weather indoor football training turf
  • Training equipment and the latest technology for the development of our football scholar athletes
  • 18 Indoor and outdoor tennis courts
  • High-speed video recording equipment to improve performance
  • Coaching studios for review sessions with our Scholar Athletes
  • 12000 sq. ft. State of the art conditioning facilities with the latest technology and equipment to conduct drills and training.
  • Our training programs have been crafted using the latest techniques to maximize the physical and mental development of each student.
  • Olympic Lift Stations, bench press’ and a 35m indoor conditioning track.
  • Driving Range
  • Coaching Studios & Video Analysis
  • Specialized Training Golf Course
  • Olympic size all-weather synthetic track
  • 3.75 KM track around the campus
  • State of the art gym facilities
  • Modern training facilities and equipment
  • 4 Indoor basketball courts
  • Latest equipment to conduct drills and training
  • High-speed video recording equipment to improve performance
  • Coaching studios for review sessions with the Scholar Athletes
  • We provide our students with state-of-the-art classrooms, labs and study rooms.
  • Students enjoy an open layout classroom to maximize learning and development, a library to study and research and individual study rooms.
  • Our experienced faculty prepare them for successful completion of the SAT exam at the registered test taking site in India.
  • Our academic staff, comprising of more than half of the faculty are international and well-qualified professional.
  • Our academic dining hall seats up to 1000 and is designed to create a comfortable relaxing environment for our students.
  • Our dining hall serves both Veg/Non-Veg global cuisine specially designed by our in house nutritionist keeping in mind all dietary restrictions.
  • All our food is of high quality and locally sourced.
  • Our state-of-the-art dormitories have keycard access and provide students with a secure, safe and comfortable environment.
  • Our dorms have private bathrooms and our male and female dorms are separate with 24hr supervision by dorm parents.
  • We ensure our scholar athletes can maximize their learning, training and social development.