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Our Academy Placements

Incredible opportunities await our Scholar Athletes both on and off the field. At Corvuss, we believe in seizing them both and making our Scholar Athletes’ dreams a reality.

Our experienced resident counsellor will work closely with each of our Scholar Athletes to enhance their academic and sports careers. Providing the guidance they need to get into some of the leading universities in the U.S., including Ivy League schools and other colleges recognized by the NCAA, to pursue their academic and sports goals.

Our international coaches and sports partners have long-standing relations with athletic directors and scouts at leading NCAA colleges and international universities. Our program ensures they notice the raw talent and potential of our Scholar Athletes.

What does the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) mean?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a membership-driven organization dedicated to safeguarding student-athlete well-being and equipping them with the skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom and throughout life. The NCAA supports learning through sports by integrating athletics and higher education to enrich the college experience of student-athletes and making college sports a pathway to opportunity.

More than 1,100 NCAA members – mostly colleges and universities– work together to create a framework of rules for fair and safe competition. The three-division structure creates a fair playing field for like-minded schools and provides student-athletes with a wide spectrum of opportunities to participate in 90 championship events. The NCAA is committed to providing opportunity for more than 460,000 college student-athletes who compete annually in college sports.

IVY League Schools

Corvuss’ well-established sports partners and coaches have successfully placed students across Ivy league schools, NCAA powerhouses in the U.S. and similar programs across the world. It is our mission to give students the platform they need to fulfill their dreams of becoming well-rounded Scholar Athletes and professionals.

NCAA Division I

1. Division I schools generally have more students, larger athletics budgets and more athletics department support than schools in Division II or III.
2. Division I schools may provide you with multiyear scholarships. Additionally, they may pay for you to finish your bachelor’s or master’s degrees after you finish playing NCAA sports.
3. The overall number of sponsored spots offered by Division I schools to student-athletes just for the eight sports offered at Corvuss American Academy is more than 36,000 per year; 14,000 for men and 22,000 for women.

NCAA Division II

1. Schools in Division II emphasize a life balance in which academically and athletically gifted students can compete at a high level, while maintaining a traditional collegiate experience.
2. Division II full scholarships cover tuition and fees, room, board and course-related books and supplies.
3. The overall number of sponsored spots offered by Division II schools to student-athletes for just the eight sports offered at Corvuss American Academy is more than 23,000 per year; approximately 10,000 for men and 13,000 for women.
4. Schools in Divisions I and II provide more than $2.7 billion in athletics scholarships annually to more than 150,000 student- athletes.

NCAA Division III

1. Academics are the primary focus for Division III student- athletes who experience shorter sports seasons, reducing their time away from academic studies and other campus activities.
2. Division III schools do not offer athletically related financial aid, but student-athletes may receive academic or need- based financial aid, like other students on campus.

NCAA Student-Athletes

Studying and competing at the NCAA level is a truly incredible experience and we prepare our Corvuss scholar-athletes to be successful as an NCAA student-athlete. This requires discipline, commitment, passion and a deep understanding of how to balance both studying and training. Please see below a breakdown of the weekly time commitments at each of the NCAA levels of competition.

Division I
Academic 35
Athletic 35 hours

Division II
Academic 37
Athletic 32 hours

Division III
Academic 40
Athletic 29 hours