Nutrition & Conditioning


One of the most important aspects of sports training is nutrition. At Corvuss, we ensure that our Scholar Athletes fully understand the importance of nutrition in both – training and scholastic achievement. Our highly qualified international sports nutritionist and team of experts explain how different foods can be used in different situations to maximize results. They educate our Scholar Athletes about what foods to eat before a game to ensure faster recovery, and what foods will replenish the body after a high-intensity session. Using an integrated app, we monitor the daily nutritional intake of our Scholar Athletes so that our nutritionist and coaches can intervene and make adjustments where necessary. At Corvuss, we take pride in enabling our Scholar Athletes to reach their true potential and serve as a cornerstone of excellence.


To transform our students into great Scholar Athletes, we leave no stone upturned. Our training programs have been crafted using the latest techniques to maximize the physical and mental development of each student. And, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the newest technology to meet their daily strength and conditioning goals. Focusing on both, individual and team sports skills, we emphasize strategies, agility and position-specific training. Our internationally experienced sports conditioning coach and team also utilize high-quality video analysis to provide our Scholar Athletes with detailed feedback on their performance. However, their safety is our top priority. We conduct safety training and injury management through on-site and web-based seminars, providing one-on-one support to our Scholar Athletes to enhance their results. Our athletic trainers ensure that our Scholar Athletes are provided with injury prevention and rehabilitation programs so that they make quick and successful recovery from injuries.